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Tax Planning and Tax Disputes

Tax issues can be complex and solving those issues should include considering your business and personal needs. When a client comes to us with tax issues, we first listen to their concerns and obtain the information needed to make a proper assessment. After our analysis, we propose solutions on how to best address their tax and other issues that may be discovered.

We assist clients with tax matters during all stages. If the Client’s potential tax issue is in the future, we may plan together how best to structure their business or assets to minimize and sometime even eliminate the taxes altogether. Other clients come to us with a specific transaction about to occur, in which case we’ll try to structure the transaction, such as a business sale, to minimize taxes.  Others may not contact us until an audit occurs or a tax bill is already due. In each of these cases, we provide tax minimizing solutions while considering the client’s needs and goals.

Tax Planning
We assist clients in structuring their assets and their businesses to protect them from being overly taxed. This can be done through making sure you are using the best entity type for your business to more complex plans that, for instance, break up payments over time to lower your tax bracket or to recharacterize payments.

We may discover your tax planning should also include critical issues such as succession planning for your business and estate planning for your family. We will make those suggestion, but, regardless, our goals will focus on what you determine will make your business and your life better while lowering your tax burden.

Tax Disputes
Life happens and clients sometimes face tax bills or disputes with the IRS and others.  If you come to us for assistance, we always begin our analysis by looking at your information and then determining what should be done.  Sometimes the tax itself should be challenged, while in other cases a payment plan or offers-in-compromise may be a best option.
Our job is to steer you in the correct direction for your situation using our knowledge of both the process and what the IRS and Maryland will accept.  Using our analysis of your tax information we place you on a path that minimizes the amount the government can collect from you.
If you would like to discuss our assisting your tax matters, please feel free to schedule a call or meeting.


Words From Clients

Jeff was a great attorney to work with on the sale of our business. When problems popped up for the buyer to close, his manner kept everyone calm, both us and the buyer, and he came up with great solutions.  Jeff's experience definitely shows, and we'll be happy to work with him again.     - Elizabeth B.

Our CPA recommended Jeff to help us with our estate planning and transferring our business to our kids. Jeff was a friendly guy and understood the business and personal issues we were concerned about with giving the business to our kids. He came up with a great plan that reduced the taxes and made sure the business would stay open after we retired. We think our estate plan we made with Jeff will really help our family after we're gone. We are happy our CPA recommended him and with the work Jeff did for us. - Tom D. 

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